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Norwegian Graphite AS is a privately owned limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Norway and with registered address in Sortland municipality in the Nordland region in the north of Norway. 

The Company is focused both on the development of commercial applications of graphene and on the exploration and development of a portfolio of unique quality flake graphite properties in Norway.

Why the focus on graphite?

Graphite is the thinnest and strongest material ever developed. It is 200 times stronger than steel and several times tougher than a diamond. Furthermore, it conducts both electricity and heat better than copper. Graphite is poised to soon replace silicon in semi-conductors and researchers claim it is the most important substance to be created since plastic. 

And during extraction, as it is an inert material that does not poison or pollute the environment, the local community and landowners at the extraction site can feel good about it too.


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