Why Flake Graphite?

Graphite can carry 1000x the density of electrical current of copper wire

Its thermal conductivity is 10x faster than copper

The semiconductor industry, led by IBM and Intel, view graphite to be a leading candidate to replace semiconductors in capacitors/transistors because:

  • Electrons moves 10 times faster in graphite than in Silicon
  • Graphite has an extremely high melting point of 3 650°C (higher than Diamond), while Silicon melts at 1 414°C

It is extremely resistant to strong acids and corrosion

It is non-toxic and chemically inert, hence ideal for life-saving medical devices needed for the human body

In its graphene form it is made to be 200 times stronger than steel

Welcome to Norwegian Graphite

Norwegian Graphite AS is a privately-owned technology development and natural resource company, focused both on the development of commercial applications of graphene and on the exploration and development of a portfolio of unique quality flake graphite properties in Norway.

Norwegian Graphite is committed to responsible and long-term sustainable operations and will at all times use the best practices possible for extraction, milling, product production and tailings conversion, re-use and back-filling. This will include the use of renewable energy sources and conservation wherever possible; the most effective forms of water treatment; and sustainable practices that take all steps to retain and restore the natural environments.

A world-class team of geologists, R&D professionals, and industrial minerals mining specialists is driving all of the Company’s processes and plans. The Company is keenly aware of the importance of effective planning, marketing and teamwork in today’s hyper-competitive global marketplace and is confident that it will consistently execute a winning strategy that will exceed the expectations of its customers and all stakeholders of the Company.

A Short Film introducing Jennestad, one of our flagship historical graphite mining districts is found HERE

Latest News

OCT 23, 2014: BladetVesteralen: Graphite/graphene against oil-spills

OCT 21, 2014: VOL: Graphite from Sortland could revolutionise oil-spill response & recovery

OCT 21, 2014: Nord24: $640,000 Eurostars grant awarded

SEP 17, 2014: Participant in EEA-grant project on geothermal energy well cement with Sacyr and GITECO / U. of Cantabria

SEP 11, 2014: Nord24: North-Norwegian Supermaterial

JUL 4, 2014: Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU) completed graphite exploration in Vesterålen and made new discovery

JUN 29, 2014: Recommended video explaining graphite & graphene by our friend Aravind at Manchester.

MAY 22, 2014: SortlandsAvisa: Cover-story. 1st half. 2nd half.

MAY 21, 2014: BV: Public meeting in Sortland address local challenges with mineral extraction

MAY 9, 2014: DN: Beecube-structured battery from Norwegian flake graphite proposed developed by leading Norwegian R&D-consortium

APR 30, 2014: Øksnesavisa: New graphite discoveries in Øksnes could add to Norw. Graphite resources.

APR 30, 2014: Press Release; 2-stage floatation test results yield large flakes at up to 95% purity

APR 13, 2014: BLV - Graphite production Area Plan progressing in Sortland

APR 4, 2014: VOL - Scoping Plan for restart of the historic Jennestad Graphite Mine approved by Sortland Municipal Executive Board

MAR 27, 2014: Adressa - Graphene as Supermaterial for Our Future

MAR 5, 2014: Industrial Minerals - Scandinavia Supplement 2014

FEB 26, 2014: GEO Magazine - New Graphite Quarry coming on stream

FEB 19, 2014: VOL - Scoping plan submitted to Sortland Municipal Executive Board "Formannskapet"

FEB 12, 2014: Avisa Nordland - Green Pilot Plant plans

OCT 3, 2013: NG R&D-project Nanomaterials for Next Generation Roads backed by NOK 20 million from EU, revealed by TU, see p1, p12, p13

JUL 17: Doubling of graphite resources to 3.66 Mt and exploration potential indicated at double that again, BLV

JUL 17: Discovery at Trollvatnet, on 700m EM anomaly, pot. add to Jennestad's 3.66 mill. ton resources, blv.no

JUL 12: Drilling programme results in doubling of graphite ore resource at Jennestad, as reported by NRK TV Nordland

JUL 8: NewspaperFramtia reports Airborn EM being flown over Meløy Graphite AS properties in Meløy.

JUN 19: Bladet Vesterålen reports results from Molab: More Graphite in wider deposits than historic drilling & sampling (by NGU) indicated. New Discovery at Trollvatnet.

MAY 22: Nordic Graphite reports results from Graphite Ore Laboratory Test by Morgan Advanced Materials plc

MAY 4: Bladet Vesterålen reports on graphite exploration status at Jennestad

MAY 2: VOL.no report progress at Jennestad

MAY 1: NRK News summarizes graphite exploration across Norway: "Drilling for Supermaterial"

APR 30: Norwegian Broadcasting Corp (NRK) TV News reporting on our activities in Meløy

APR 29: NRK TV News reporting on our activities in Sortland, followed by a news clip on the evening news

APR 25: At Graphene 2013 conference, Spain, Graphene Batteries reveal graphite supplier to Industrial Minerals

APR 19: Rana Blad newspaper: Molab analysing Supermaterial

APR 13: SHORT FILM of our flagship project Jennestad Quarry and Vik Plant areas, including existing builidings & infrastructure.

APR 11: "Black gold at Jennestad - Finding more than expected", front and center, Sortlandsavisa.

APR 3: Front-page coverage in leading national science weekly Teknisk Ukeblad

MAR 27: Drill rig and crew arrived and Drilling Starts Today at the historic Jennestad Graphite Mine in Sortland.

MAR 27: Possible restart of another historic graphite mine by Meløy Graphite AS reported by Avisa Nordland.

MAR. 23, 2013: Jennestad drill holes being marked in perfect snow and weather conditions in Sortland today.

MAR. 22, 2013: Meløy Graphite AS announces grant awards totalling $240 000.

MAR. 20, 2013: The newspaper Framtia based in Meløy gives a status report on NG's sister company Meløy Graphite AS.

MAR.1, 2013: 3D modelling and a preliminary tonnage estimate has been developed for the Jennestad Graphite Mines in Sortland by independent Technical Resource Geologist Audun Mortveit Sletten. Data from 19 historical diamond drill holes and 5 surface samples resulted in the modelling of 11 separate graphite lenses.

FEB. 1, 2013: The Municipal Executive Board ("formannskap") of Sortland unanimously votes to approve landowner agreement with Norwegian Graphite AS ("NG"). The agreement grants NG rights to exploration and extraction of landowners minerals including graphite on properties owned by the municipality including the historic Jennestad Graphite Mines in Sortland. 

JAN. 28, 2013: Graphene research & development receives €1 billion in EU flagship scheme. The graphite material is predicted to cause a radical technology shift revolutionizing multiple industries such as renewable energy, transportation and electronics/communication, see www.graphene-flagship.eu

NOV. 22, 2012: SortlandsAvisa -on the encouraging results achieved recently in our exploration programme in the region, see Page1 and Pages14-15.

NOV. 16, 2012: A ground EM geophysics programme has been completed in Sortland, and the trenching of the identified anomalies commenced today. In each of the 3 initial trenches completed we found rich graphite outcrops, such as this one.

NOV. 15, 2012: New anomalies for graphite have been discovered in Fonndalen, Meløy, and Framtia.no spoke to the people responsible for it

NOV. 02, 2012: Concept video from Corning showing Future Applications of materials like Graphene.

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